NCDD Recruitment Website is now online

Early release to take away my workloads; okay now it is the HR who got fun time with the new toy.
Check it out www.ncdd.gov.kh/jobs if think you have something to do with D&D

Sagernotebook.com's Product

Well, just the spec that would satisfy me :D

We had lost our buddy

We are so sad to congrats our buddi who had lost his freedom.
Don't worry my friend, we will always remember all bar, bear & karaoke room that we went together.

To You & Yours Happy Couple

Extending MonoRail ViewComponent

Quick note before I leave my desk for a meeting

Always apply ViewComponentDetailsAttribute on your custom ViewComponent like this

[ViewComponentDetails(string name, string sections, Type CacheKeyFactory, ViewComponentCache Cache)]

This will prevent your custom view component name clash with base component name.
Okay ! got to go

Let do Projection

This would be a continue part from my previous post, what I tried to do is find out how to use ActiveRecord "NHiberate to be clear" in my reporting scenario (not a CRUD) after a quick search I come up with a few blog posts which give me some light:

It will take another post for me to wrap up how I come up with .... stay tune.

Edit: I shouldn't have missed, exploring test case

Ubuntu "Dock It Mac Way"

It almost 2 months since my busy schedule started, I was unable to find sometime to spend with my beloved Gutsy until today * I am no expert in Ubuntu * in the exploration process I decided to upgrade a few packages to it latest version and well I come across one cool package:

Avant Window Navigator (Awn) is a dock-like bar which sits at the bottom of the screen. It has support for launchers, task lists, and third party applets.The Awn project is the development of the ‘dock’, avant-window-navigator, and its corresponding shared library ‘libawn’, which is used to develop applets.

For more detail instruction read it @ http://www.ubuntugeek.com or direct link Avant Window Navigator enjoy fun ;)

Visual Studio 2008 stink without ReSharper

Oh ! man I though VS2008 will give developer more productivity I was wrong.
Without ReSharper I feel like I take my time writing stupid code that do nothing.

VS2008 Refactoring tool is suck !

However the ReSharper 4.0 for Visual Studio 2008 is not yet release, but I can install the 3.1 with the following command

msiexec /i ReSharperSetup.3.1.Full.VS80.msi VSVERSION=9.0
And here we go all the goodness command are come back to me.
If you don't believe me watch demo video feature highlight.

This is how a GIANT learn to copy files

Vista SP1 Notable Change - most notable change is MS is still learning how perform file operation (Copy/Move/Delete) the right way.

  • Improves performance over Windows Vista’s current performance across the following scenarios1:
    • 25% faster when copying files locally on the same disk on the same machine
    • 45% faster when copying files from a remote non-Windows Vista system to a SP1 system
    • 50% faster when copying files from a remote SP1 system to a local SP1 system
Oh and here is the funny part:
Improves the copy progress estimation when copying files within Windows Explorer to about two seconds.
What so exciting improvement to be expect in the list :D Well, it sound like we have to wait for SP1+ before purchasing product release by MS.
I wonder does SP1+ = version 3.0 :)) anyway enjoy reading detail here.

Level1Remove : Unblock/block file attachments in MS. Outlook

Note for myself http://support.microsoft.com/kb/837388

2008 hitting the road

Let me take this opportunity wishing you all the best,

2008 refresh our brain bring more innovations and best of all let rock the Net.

2008 Wish list:

  • Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - more hardware support out of the box please ...
  • NHibernate 2.0 GA - let persist the universe
  • Castle 1.0 GA - let become a great warrior
  • MySQL 5.1/6.0 GA - falcon data engine, data partitioning
  • Die, die Windows Vista - don't you know how much I hate you?
  • MonoDevelop 1.0 - let us all have a real IDE for Mono "Unleash the Monkey"