Sacrified - Only through hell where I can find my heaven...

I have been using Windows for years ever since I first touch PC. But from time to time I start thinking "Windows is where I belong?".

The more Windows evolve the more I lost control.
I need to get the power back.
I want everything to go my way.

I have been very upset with Windows Vista it extream suck, I can stay with it more than 2 days.
I tried, oh yeah I did. But hell no I better find a new home...

Why???? I hate to repeat myself. If I have to learn Windows again I better learn Linux.

I decided to scarified my disk space by allow linux to sit on the physical rather than sit inside my virtual machine. I know it's going to be a hard time for news bie like me but I willing to take the risk.

May be one day I live my life without looking through the WinX...
I am about to get Ubuntu up and running - my transition is about to get start.

** Update **