Ubuntu 7.04 Round #2

Okay, one I submit a request for CD from Ubuntu I received it.
One I start install on my computer I found that I doesn't support my VGA the solution is to download an alternate version. Fine!

I did download Ubuntu-7.04-alternate.iso

  1. burn it to a DVD
  2. run media check - all passed
Now it time for me to perform a real installation, I know that my intel wireless card might not function during installation so I attach network cable in and then ready to kick start:
  1. Boot from Ubuntu DVD
  2. Start Text Mode Installation
  3. Answe all the easy quetions
  4. Do manual partition (I already allocated space for linux already) -> select unallocated space -> let partition tool do it works -> done
  5. Now installation seem to go well
  6. until 85% Installed brltty-x11 it just stuck there ....
I have no choice but to reboot my computer, after set active partition back to drive C:\ I start to search for the issue:

Some Suggestion:
  1. A guy report in ubuntu forum that he had a similiar problem he wait for ~2 hr 30 mn then installation start to wake up and resume.
  2. The other guy said well need to burn ubuntu-7.04 using slower speed.
Anyway I need to do some work let save these trick for another day ... until then I'll let you know.