Good enough

I had been committed to take on Java it just recently that I had got some free time to get through.

First thing first, I need to learn it as fast as I can so what I do? grab a fews e-books roughly read here and there ...

Alright now I got the concept how thing suppose to works together in Java's world. Let get on a simple ORM webapp tag in Servlet, Hibernate & MySql.

That is my very first 'Hello World' app. :(

Well, It took me a hours to refer back and force with the documents and figure out why it doesn't work????!!!

What I am sure of there must be some lib that I miss to include, alright just to confirm that was the thing to do I put all the files in hibernate-3.2/lib folder to my WEB-INF/lib refresh the server ....

Well I got my first record fetch from MySql database that good news ;)

All right now it time to keep miminal files in the WEB-INF/lib... what to do? I am a new bie okay so take it out one by one refresh the HelloWorld page and see if thing still working.

In the end I got the mimimum set of file that I need to include in the WEB-INF/lib life shouldn't be that much difficult :( well it's not if I just read what it say hibernate-3.2/lib/_README :D

Anyway I past my first test ;) I will dig deeper tonight .... get back to work ;) 'ASP.NET again :D'