Time to play the Game > in the Castle

Life is learning, after getting myself familiar with the Castle stack I started to look at another abstraction stack known as 'Rhino-Tools' as it advertises to ease my development life so why not give it a shot ;) then the story go:

Well, I did get the information from somewhere else about all these stack but let for complete reference check this out Building the Castle Stack (ish) TM - from Trunk

The point is now I have to deal with test unit to be sure everything work as advertised so I grab additional tool:

  • MbUnit - A Generative Unit Test Framework
  • NUnit - Also a Unit testing framework initially ported from JUnit
Once these tools get installed I fire up my vs.net command line:
..\castle-trunk>nant >buildLog.txt

well it still complaint me that MbUnit or NUnit can not find ... WhAT?
BCurse I did not add MbUnit or NUnit path to the execute path environment :( anyway my path string is already too long I decided to set the path of these two framework directly in the ..\castle-trunk\common.xml

....more script ...
<!-- Where is MbUnit.Cons.exe ? -->
<property name="mbunit-console" value="C:\Program Files\MbUnit\MbUnit.Cons.exe" overwrite="false">

<!-- Where is nunit-console executable(win/mono) ? -->
<property name="nunit-console2" value="nunit-console2" overwrite="false">
<property name="nunit-console" value="C:\Program Files\NUnit-Net-2.0 2.2.10\bin\nunit-console.exe" overwrite="false">
....more script ...

Okay let do it again:
..\castle-trunk>nant >buildLog.txt
Review buildLog.txt I learn that I did not enable SqlServer DTS ha sorry.
>Enable SqlServer DTS Agent
..\castle-trunk>nant >buildLog.txt
Voilá: BUILD SUCCEEDED - 1 non-fatal error(s), 0 warning(s)

Now I am ready to roll next step let u know later ;)