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I had spend the rest of my weekend playing around with DokuWiki by coding a tiny discussion feature. The purpose if to discover and use as much as utility functions that DokuWiki had, very interesting indeed.

Features: (implemented)

  • It allow wiki owner (the one who create content) to click on an action button in order to enable/disable comment on his/her page.
  • It come with tiny security feature captcha prevent from post back attack.
  • It had client side validation using jquery
  • Remember name, e-mail, url of the user posting comment by storing their info in a protected cookie - sharing dokuwiki blowfish salt key.
  • Send notify mail to content author when visitor post comments.
TODO: This will be this weekend assignment ...
  • Take advantage of existing caching function to cache comments reducing time to load comment from the database.
  • Apply more security - random key protecting captcha field.
  • Enable geshi coding in comments - this allow visitor to make comment with code snippet.
  • Comment & Voting - may be that a great idea ;)
In software development you should release it when it is good enough, this give a chance to get feedback from the users. Alrite, I just upload the modification code to run live in www.a-kdam.com go and make some comments.

Until next monday I will tell you where my head ...