Can't believe I still living coding VBA

I still love VBA simplify my daily task - lucky me that not perl :))

The code that I need to execute annually. It is a budget allocation process where each commune need to get information about their available budget.

One of my colleague has to works out with Ministry of Finance to come up with the correct budget (various formula) anyway it come out as and excel sheet. I need to transform this into a Microsoft Access table.

Code that I need to execute ~monthly... well this one is World Bank Project where I had forced to take responsible as the last guy to check the data before the report get submit to the World Bank. Well, it not a big task I just grab the data and run a macro again my Sql Server data source - make sure all the record syn.

It works well for the last 3 years, it fast flexible why do I care?

With all the tools available - can't it be improve? why can't it be a web enable process? IT mean simplify...