Enter the Matrix: Graphic design reloaded...

What is the goal of SoC? That was a great concept. Except, isn't it IT? you do it all. Anyway, can't complain no more ... what can you say? "Matrix"

Can you fly the helicopters? Not yet ...
No logo, no time to collect photos ... management wants to see something in the up coming meeting 31, Aug 2007 okay.

Let see what I can do? I can't do it all by myself, I need help from my colleague. We got a lot of staffs at the provinces and each province had at less one digital camera. So I told my supervisor that we need to find talent among them ... photo contest we ask the province to submit the best photos from each province.

Option #1 - thanks opensuse.org, it is where I learn the design from.

Option #2 - with e-mail access box...

Option #3 - e-mail access, search box at the bottom.

Now I got something to show
"Team Work" - nothing is impossible.