Will I get sue?

I recently blog some articles related to my working project:

However for illustration I had leave the data in the excel sheet appear on the internet without masking. Is that a coincident? nope that is my intension to show as real world scenario as possible. Because part of my job is to collect data and distribute it to various stakeholder. The more people know about what we had available the more it benefit to our people, why? well then donors or NGO will not waste their money in trying to recollect the information instead use their available budget for investment. It is all about harmonization.

Second point, I want to share the way I design the UI with the rest of you guy "IT" as I do not believe I can make a good design so I hope some day someone might pass by and tell me "Hey, stupid guy why you design it like that ;)" well I do not wish too strong comments like this. But you got what I mean.

It happen to me alot when I try to come up with a UI for requested feature and to be able to see how other people come up with the design. I think it always the best help I wish to get and there is no good example than the real world scenario.

Somehow I really appreciated comment that I received through e-mail which is sent from my sister current study in Japan with her husband and I assure you no confidential information will ever leak in my blog.