AT last I got Visual Effect on my Toshiba M100

Well, I waste too much time then I needed. What I want to do is to enable Visual Effect for my new Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. The story went like this.

I was crazy try to update my ati driver manually because I believe that the instruction is clear and the version from the AMD website is more recent. However I took me a sleepless night to trail with that, in the end I decided to just use the version that Restricted Manager give me after my first boot up.

So this is how I survive:
1. Enable ATI Restricted Driver
2. > sudo apt-get intall xserver-xgl
3. Reboot my machine

I got visual effect hahaha easier than I thought and hear this "The visual effect is cool, it is even better than effect in Windows(R) Vista" and you know what? you do not need to buy new computer to try Unbuntu ;)

Alright, now I am ready to roll ;)