Try Getsy Gibbon RC

WOW, now even ATI driver not yet enable I still can boot with live-cd and get 1280x768 cool.
And you know what I can just enable the ATI driver in Restrict driver awesome. But why do I still need to configure my Realtek HD Sound manually kind of suck :(

Well, look like I got HDA work somehow. Here is how I did it:
>gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base
add this line to the end of the file
options snd-hda-intel=3stack

Okay enough for the driver enable. Let see what can I do with file system.
Hey look my NTFS hard disk got display in "My Computer" and I can just read/write NTFS almost as native as ext3 ;) give Ubuntu++

What is this? well I tried to add Cambodian keyboard layout then configure keyboard layout Switch, However when I click on "Layout Options" list caption not render until I click on one of them :( is it a BUG?

Cool, cool until official release I will load Ubuntu as my secondary OS and get ready for the transition ;)